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CMAT Benefits Information

CMAT offers a lucrative benefits package with customizable options.

  • Medical Plans
    CMAT offers eligible employees comprehensive medical coverage through Blue Cross & Blue Shield medical plans.


  • Dental Plans
    CMAT offers Blue Cross & Blue Shield dental plan

  • Vision Plans
    Participants may elect coverage for themselves and their families under a vision plan

About Benefit Election Changes

Benefits elections are made by employees at the time of hire and during the Annual Enrollment period. Employees can make changes to benefits for the current benefit plan year (outside of Annual Enrollment) such as to add or drop a dependent if they have experienced a qualified life event change. Employees should contact  HR at


Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations require that enrollment elections must remain in effect for the entire plan year unless you experience a qualified life event change.  You have thirty one days from the date of a life event change to modify your elections without waiting until the next Annual Enrollment period.

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