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Internal Review Procedures Facilitating High Quality Standards in the Organization

CMAT is committed to using the best practices in methodologies, tools, and processes in every project we are involved in. CMAT continually monitors results from quality control activities to determine whether the work complies with relevant quality standards and, at the same time, identifying ways to eliminate unsatisfactory results. CMAT conducts quality assurance reviews throughout the lifecycle of a project. The frequency of quality assurance reviews will be in part based on customer requirements and the project management reviews. These reviews shall measure quality based on at least these factors: adherence to design flow, project deliverables, weekly status reports, current and coming project costs, manpower forecasts, and project schedule. This approach is aimed at reducing costs attributed to design changes, improving design reliability, performance, usability, and overall quality.

Individuals Directly Supervising and Reviewing Projects for Quality Control

The Task Monitor and Quality Manager are critical to ensure quality performance is maintained on every contract. Activities of the Task Monitor include monitoring deliverables, ensuring the highest level of technical quality, compliance with customer desires, and conformance to the contract and SOW. The Task Monitor will also review weekly status reports provided by engineers in order to ensure the objectives and quality standards are being met. The Quality Manager is responsible for internal auditing all branches of the company for compliance with  CMAT’s Quality Control Plan. These audits will be used to inspect the every aspect of the product/project life cycle as shown in the chart. Quality Managers will examine everything from documentation, architecture, design development, to assembly. Each aspect will be critiqued with specific quality goals to ensure the best outcome possible. Inspections shall be conducted at regular intervals as relevant to each project. Frequency of inspections will be determined by the projects Lead or Task Monitor.


We currently do not use any subcontractors to perform tasks. In the future when the need arises CMAT will use teaming measures to provide our client’s with the best possible mix of skills and cost to achieve our client’s goals. Reaching out to a subcontractor can also help alleviate oversubscribed employees. It also provides opportunities to include diverse skill sets that may not otherwise be available to the company. Our subcontracting partners will be held accountable to the same performance measures, quality control procedures, and surveillance methods that we apply across the contract and to each task order. Our approach also incorporates continued and open communication. This will allow us to: avoid conflicts and increase adherence to time, scope, budget, and quality control requirements. Before entering into a subcontract with a third party, the company shall perform a screening process whereby candidates are assessed for past performance, design flow, quality control, and relevant experience. The company incorporates project requirements, deliverables, and quality assurance into the third party’s contract.

How CMAT Handles Potential Problem Areas and Solutions

CMAT seeks contracts that are within our core competency, and consequently, we can often anticipate challenges we may encounter. CMAT  implements pre-project and regularly scheduled project meetings to ensure all personnel and team members understand their responsibilities for quality control and the consequences of not meeting those responsibilities. Task Monitors will monitor and enforce quality control on a daily basis. Should an issue arise, Task Monitors and team members have the duty and obligation to address the issue head-on within CMAT, and with our contractors. CMAT’s team will follow up and communicate with each other and contractors to ensure the resolution of the problem and the satisfaction of our customers.

Procedures for Ensuring Quality Performance While Meeting Urgent Requirements

CMAT has a commitment to maintaining quality while still meeting urgent requirements. Those requirements that demand immediate attention while still demanding high quality are best handled by those working directly on the project. CMAT is capable of handling such tasks given our depth and breadth of experience, combined with the knowledge of the customer needs. Upon evaluation of the requirements and new urgent needs, CMA’s staff will immediately reprioritize our responsibilities in order to respond to the urgent need. The current staff working on the project will handle short-term urgent needs. While long-term urgent needs will be evaluated and hiring of new staff for temporary or permanent employment will be executed. CMAT maintains an inventory of potential employee resumes, including those willing to work short term and those looking for permanent employment. CMAT is an equal opportunity employer and prides itself on hiring the most qualified applicants.

Strategies to Simultaneously Manage and Complete Multiple Projects for Multiple Customers 

Task Monitors are responsible for managing project activities, schedules, and deadlines. To effectively manage multiple projects while maintaining high standards of quality each of our Task Monitors possess skills in time management, communication, delegation, and organization. To effectively manage the quality of services provided for each project, it is essential to forecast and plan manpower, which will be forecasted out to 6 months. The Task Monitor shall also meet and coordinate regularly with employees to determine how and when contracts are being serviced. Company employees involved in one or more projects should immediately inform their Task Monitor when there is a time conflict, priority conflict, or schedule change. The Task Monitor in coordination with the clients can then deal with these concerns, and ensure our dedication to quality is never sacrificed. CMAt places a high value on quality and customer satisfaction and will always pursue these goals.

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